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"What stands out for me most is Paula's innate wisdom of the human body. It is clear her knowledge is infinite when it comes to alignment, strength, flexibility and healing. Her many years as a dancer/choreographer and teacher are sure signs of her commitment to physical movement. I love her new studio. It is in a beautiful building in downtown Keene with lots of parking and the studio itself is spacious, clean and welcoming. Taking Pilates classes with Paula has helped me strengthen core muscles I never knew I had! Her detailed, consciousness approach without judgement allows me to relax into each exercise for maximum benefit. I value deeply the entire experience at Core Consciousness and as my body gets older, I feel confident that taking classes with Paula will help me stay strong and aware. A true gift!"
Gretchen Carmel

"Paula is the best Pilates instructor I've ever had. Her knowledge of the discipline is extremely deep and she works with each individual in a creative manner, crafting sessions specifically for a client's strengths and limitations."
Jeanette Lovett, Artist

"I cant believe how lined up, tuned up, in harmony, not stressed, and yet completely worked out my body feels. The contribution to the total health experience cant be over stated. My body speaks to me in an internal voice and it's been thanking me for Pilates since I left your place. From my perspective as a healthcare provider, your skill set is invaluable to healing the human body from injuries both physical and mental. Thank you."
Raymond A. Howard, LICSW

"Suddenly I can walk again! Really, not far, but moving without dragging my right leg along. During a surgery in 1997 a doctor banged into one or more nerves he shouldn't have and I have moved with a still legged limp since then. A surgery in 2008 took away most of my sense of balance, so I have moved with a significant limp and a cane from that point. Toward the end of my first month working with Paula Aarons she encouraged me to try bending my right leg and attempting a conventional walking gait. Much to my surprise I was able to move across the studio floor with a fairly fluid gait and without support.. About two weeks after that, without planning to, I took a quarter mile walk without my cane or any significant balance problems. It seems that Paula's training has woken up some long dormant muscles and nerve connections. This is a real life change."
Dave Payson

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"The ultimate goal is to assist in each person's recognition that their body is a unique expression of who they are, who they have been and who they are becoming.

Taking the time and space to create opportunities to drop into, explore, and become curious about being in one's own skin helps to cultivate the knowledge that one can be supportive and supported at all times."
- Paula M. Aarons, M.Ed. MFA