Core Consciousness offers a selection of groups classes developed by Paula Aarons. Each is based in key elements of STOTT Pilates and her breadth of knowledge of Fascial Fitness, movement, yoga, Taiji Stick, Qigong and dance.  Please arrive on time, or a little early to class.  Beginnings are a key part of being present for the work.

Private and Semi Private sessions are also available and very useful for those who have had chronic injury, surgery, prolonged illness, or are simply wanting to get back into shape and would like to have some extra input and support in order to meet their goals.  Please scroll down for pricing.  To schedule a session please call 603-358-5146.

SCHEDULE OF CLASSES FOR Fall - September 11 - December 22

Senior Pilates  9:00 - 10:00 am
Gentle class offering core strength, balance work and fascial release work to increase range of motion and flexibility.

Core Consciousness   9:00 - 10:15 am
Brings together three aspects of somatic practice, breath, core strength and kinetic flow. By focusing the use of breath with specific STOTT Pilates exercises, specific yoga postures and flow sequences, each student can discover the use and function of deep strengthening work as it applies to kinetic practice.  75 minutes

Fascial Friday 9- 10 am
This class integrates the 4 principles of fascial function with the simplicity of Taiji Bang (stick) and the dynamic stability principles of STOTT Pilates.  A great opportunity to gain an increase in range of motion, connective tissue tone and practical application of core work!  Open to all levels.  60 minutes.

Fees for Pilates Group Classes and for Private Sessions

Private Sessions:

Single $75. 

Prepay 5 sessions ( expires in 8 weeks from date of purchase) $337.50. 

Prepay 10 sessions ( expires in 13 weeks from date of purchase ) $650. 

No refunds/non transferrable.  24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY: Please cancel within 24 hours of scheduled appointment or pay for the missed hour. 

Group Classes:

Drop in $15

Class Cards:
• Full 15 week Session $180. Purchase 2 classes for $330.  All three is $450.  Series expires on December 22, 2017.  Nontransferrable, non refundable.
• Seniors and Students $10 per class Flat rate



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"I can feel my cells waking up cells that will hopefully soon realize that they are part of a whole. I am so grateful for you willingness to be with me in this process. This is obviously not a journey one can make on their own I am internalizing your skillful, quiet and respectful attention. I can actually feel things begin to knit together and it feels great!"
- Erica Zinter, LICSW

"Paula's classes center on total body awareness - an awareness based on connecting breath to body, developing core strength, and listening to what your own body needs. This culminates in pure joy of movement and DANCE! She combines structured, choreographed dance moves with improvisation, while using music that is diverse and stimulating - it is the ultimate way of putting her students in touch with their core and their own inner sense of movement."
- Kathy Olsen, 6th grade teacher