Pilates is a system of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. He began his exploration as a teen to improve his own health and later went on to work with soldiers in World War I. Begun as a series of mat exercises that incorporated breathing techniques and positions that have roots in yogic practices, Pilates later incorporated resistance springs into machines to be used in programs for rehabilitating injured patients. His early machines were the basis for the highly refined equipment used today in many Pilates studios.

The practice of Pilates entails working through a progressive series of exercises that balance the body in terms of overall strength, flexibility and coordinated mobility. Students increase their ability to balance these three aspects of fitness by integrating the breath with a deep understanding of dynamic stabilization. This increased awareness gives each person access to greater core strength and ease in movement whether for the purpose of professional dancing or tending ones garden.

At Core Conciousness the practice is built from the knowledge that Pilates exercise helps to keep you fully active in your life. I structure classes specifically for the participants' particular interests and needs. Groups can be focussed on back pain, shoulder issues, balance or overall stregnth. Individual sessions can be used to fine tune your current workouts or provide further support in post- rehabilitation of an injury. I encourage each person to deepen their practice in ways that will improve their life. For me, Pilates is an opportunity to fully integrate the deep focus of core strength with the joy of moving every day.

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"You must know it's a gift to take away someones pain, thank you."
- M. Meess, M.D.